Cooking Fashionistas Episode 2: Ham and Hang

Hey foodies!

       Sorry we haven't been able to produce this episode on schedule. We realized we had to plan and organize things better. So now, we hope you guys will like this and the following episodes even more. For this episode, we went French. I taught Issa how to make Croque Monsieur and she taught made me a frame accessory organizer which was just the thing I needed (though it's not like I have truckloads of accessories; I'm kinda OC so I love organizing things as much as possible). I was mind blown with her idea even when we were still planning it. It was something so simple yet so fascinating! I'm sure you girls will love this, too! 

[click here to watch on youtube]

        So, here's the recipe and know-hows for the Croque Monsieur (I'd rather type it than say, thank you). It's actually a pan-fried ham and cheese sandwich. We did both single and double layer versions. :D



4    pcs            slice bread (we used wheat bread)
1    small bar   Quickmelt cheese (or Jack, cheddar, mozzarella, gruyere)
2    pcs            King's Cooked Ham, cut in quarters
4    tbsp           Mayonnaise 
1    tbsp           butter
1    tbsp           cooking oil (we used canola)
1    large          egg
2    tbsp           fresh milk


1. Slather the mayo on the bread and place the cheese, ham and cheese again. Repeat order for the second layer.

2. Add milk to the egg. Carefully dip all sides of the sandwich in the egg and milk mixture.

3. Heat oil in a pan and add butter over medium heat. Place the sandwich in the pan and flip to other side after 5 mins. Careful not to burn each side.

4. You can finish the sandwich in your oven for the cheese to melt or you can just eat it after cooking in the pan. The cheese will eventually melt anyway. Easy as pie! :)

          Now, you can head on to Issa's blog for the deets on the accessory organizer. She's a genius, I tell ya! I'm excited for you! GO! NOW! :D

          Big big thanks to FMJ & Co. for producing this vid with us. It was great working with you guys. You should check out more of their videos on their youtube channel: http://youtube.com/FMJCO. Like and Subscribe! :D

'Til the next episode! Hope you guys liked this one! If you did, please like, subscribe and share! Thanks! :D


  1. love this! i always get super hungry when i see the sandwich again!

    1. Thanks love! Now you can easily make one for yourself! And I adore my accessory hanger everyday. I still have to varnish it before mounting on my closet door though. :D