Queueing at The Lasagne Que

            Pasta, specifically spaghetti, is a common staple in most restaurants and cafe's. Ironically, lasagna is a rare sighting or when available, often ends with disappointment. Is it really so hard to do justice to this mistreated charmer? 

              Just less than two weeks ago, a young lady started making lasagna her business and since she did, her orders have been queueing in nonstop everyday. Thus, her business name -- The Lasagne QueShe got this idea because it's one of her family's favorites and she noticed the scarcity of good and affordable lasagna. 

                The Lasagne Que is currently home-based and delivers to locations within the city. They offer five different sizes of pork lasagna:
  • Solista (good for 1-2 person)   -   P95    (minimum order 8 pcs for delivery)
  • Per Quattro (for 4 persons)       -   P350
  • Per Otto (for 8-10 persons)       -   P800
  • Per Diece (for 10-12 persons)  -   P1,000
  • Per Setici (for 16 persons)        -   P1,500

              Only the Solista serving requires a minimum order for delivery. The rest of the serving sizes can be delivered individually. 

                I had the privilege of sampling the Solista serving. The first bite was so inviting but soon after, it was getting so rich. So then, for me, it was definitely good for two persons. And for the price, it was more than worth it. 

              The pasta sheets were cooked just right and the pasta-filling ratio was also balanced. The cheese was the main component for the richness of the dish and the taste is perfect for Filipino taste buds -- sweet yet savory. 

             Here's a photo of the Solista serving beside my phone as a size basis. 

             For orders, just contact 0922 677 8364 and like their Facebook page for updates. Orders must be made two days ahead.


  1. Now I'm craving for lasagna. :(

  2. Looks yummy! xx