Serenitea in Cebu

            Even if I'm a food blogger, I'm not one to join the bandwagon of fads in the food industry. And we all know milk tea has been all the rage this year but you barely see posts of these on my blog. Well, i think that explains itself. Dont get me wrong, I'm no hater. I'm just not as crazy about it. However, I do like milk tea cafe's because they're great alternative hangouts when your favorite coffee shop is full. 

             Serenitea is said to be the pioneer milk tea cafe in the Philippines. Seems like it since I first heard of it in 2009, way before milk tea was in the limelight. I've heard nothing but great comments about their tea but believe it or not, it was only last month during their grand opening when I first tasted their milk tea. 

            Serenitea's first branch was in Manila in 2008 and now has over 23 company-owned branches in and outside Metro Manila, including their first franchised outlet in Cebu City. They started operations here since last March with an open area setting. They then opened an indoor, air-conditioned extension last month at their grand opening. Their indoor area is furbished with plush couches and comfy chairs. It can accommodate up to 30 people and outlets are available for charging gadgets or laptops.   

            Their menu offers a wide variety of tea mixes to choose from. If you have a hard time choosing, the helpful staff give you suggestions or you can take your pick from their Top 10 list. I actually visited them the night before the grand opening to get the actual  experience of a regular customer. 

            Okinawa Milk Tea is their best seller so I chose that without the pearls to really taste the milk tea itself. It was definitely a treat, something different for once, from the usual Wintermelon favorites in other milk tea places. It felt light, not overwhelmingly rich yet substantial. It also did not leave an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. The customer service was also great. The staff were accommodating and I like the organized set up of the shop wherein ordering and claiming are separate. 

                On the day of the grand opening, Serenitea gave out free JUMBO upsize for every order of drinks from their Top 10 list the whole day. My eyes definitely went JUMBO to see such a big container that one's hand could barely hold. It was 1 liter big! But this size is exclusively available for if you book special occasions at their outlet. 
              This time, I got the fruitea -- Cranberry Green Tea w/ Perilla (basil seeds) at 50% sugar level (my default sugar level). Again, I was not disappointed. The drink was so refreshing, it easily became my favorite. And I was so amused by the perilla seeds that floated in the middle of my drink. It was my first time to taste them. I thought it would be impossible for me to finish my huge drink but eventually, I had an empty cup in my hand. It was so refreshing, sip was followed by another sip unconsciously, almost like a reflex.

             I sandwiched my fruitea with my fellow bloggers' milk teas. I noticed that the black pearls (sago) they serve are smaller than the usual ones from other milk tea cafe's. Personally, I prefer that because then I don't have to chew so long. It gets tiring, y'know. Makes me feel like a goat or cow chewing on cud, no offense. My friends prefer the regular-sized pearls though.

JUMBO milk teas: (from left) Sinjin of libotero.com's Wintermelon Milk Tea w/ pearl and nata, my Cranberry Green Tea w/ perilla, and Angeli of foodiecraft.com's Okinawa Milk Tea with pearls
              The new indoor area was launched by the franchisee and partners of Serenitea Cebu: 

(Center) Juliet Herrera, owner and general manager of Serenitea Cebu, with her business partners Chloe Ong and Francisco Bernardo 

                Their indoor area is definitely a serene place to stay for some good milk tea and company. I actually like staying here when I can to work on the blog. The modern minimalist interiors create a liberating atmosphere for the mind although it's not exactly a place to chat with friends because it can easily be heard by others around. It would be best for studying and online work. :)

           Though I'm no milk tea junkie, Serenitea won me over with their blends. I found out that what truly makes them stand out is that they are the first and only milk tea shop in the country that uses a "teaspresso" machine. That means each order of tea drink is freshly brewed to ensure the service of qualiTEAS (see what I did there?). So, if you wanna make sure you get fresh milk teas, this is the place to go. Their wifi here is fast, too. ;)

Podium Level, Calyx Centre, Cebu IT Park, 
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City 6000

Operating Hours:  Sun - Thurs     11 am - 12 mn
                                Fri - Sat            11 am - 1 am

Contact:   (032) 236 3228

For updates and more information, just like, follow, or visit their social media accounts: 

Twitter: @iloveserenitea

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

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  1. Wala pa gyud ko ka try diri and I work in the area hahahaha :D

    1. Ah grabeha. I like their place cuz it's not always crowded. SERENitea jud. :D

  2. My first memory of milk tea I loved is the Chowking's Nai Cha! loved it!

  3. I work in IT Park and I haven't even tried this. hehe. I think the last time I had milk tea was last year in ChaTime and I had their roasted milk tea. I'm going to probably try this too. Hope it's worth the price. :) xx


    1. The service, indoor ambience & comfort and of course the freshly brewed teas at every order definitely make Serenitea worth every penny! :)

  4. price range?

    1. Hi :)

      somewhere between 90 - 125 php per drink. :)

  5. Serenitea is not your ordinary cup of tea :)