Little Saigon Big Bangkok for the Northern Folks

Sometimes, we don't just go to restaurants for good food. Sometimes, it's for the experience. One of the restaurants on top of my list -- Little Saigon Big Bangkok -- happens to have bothWhenever someone asks me for resto recommendations, this resto would most likely be the first I'd mention (with a dreamy expression) along with raves of my favorite dishes from them -- Phad Thai and Banh Xeo

I've already featured them here on the blog before. Their maiden branch was situated in a cozy nook at Guadalupe (told ya 'there must be something about Guada soil') and now, they finally moved to 1 Paseo Saturnina, Maria Luisa Rd., Banilad (beside The Spa at Cebu) for the northern patrons! 

I was invited to their opening night last month. Of course, I was excited to first see the setting. They had both an indoor and outdoor dining area, furbished in consistency with their first branch's ambience. I stayed indoors where it portrays a simple yet sophisticated restaurant atmosphere. If you wish to feel like you're eating Thai-Viet street food, by all means go for the outdoor dining area. ;)

pathway to the indoor dining area 

There was a mini bar where I stayed and I was personally accommodated by the owner, Mr. Mark Almadrones, that friendly guy who always gladly explains the menu to their customers. For this special night, I wanted to try whatever was new on the menu. 

        There was a blackboard scribbled with 'Specials' to choose from at the top of the wall across my table. I decided to go for some of the specials -- Cha Gio, Thai Shimi, Viet Fish -- and some of their regular items I've been meaning to try as well -- Smoked Pork Banh Mi and Goi Con. Okay, I didn't eat these alone. I brought my favorite 'foobu' (food buddy) for reinforcement. 

New staff took our orders and they were fluently knowledgeable about the menu which is something a lot of restaurants actually fail to do. Service was fast and every dish was exciting. I realized along the course that Thai and Vietnamese cuisine are actually acquired tastes because there were particular flavors that were new to me and strange enough for me to maybe try them another time to see if I'd like them. This is when I can say experience is one of the best assets this restaurant offers. 

There were a myriad of sauces, each unique in flavor, that married perfectly with the food and I believe the attention in every little detail is a signature of this resto. It's just mind blowing how every little piece of the dish has a significant role in every bite when they are assembled on the cutlery. Okay, let's get on it..

First came the Goi Con (Vietnamese fresh spring rolls) and Cha Gio (fried spring rolls). These are regulars on the menu but it was my first time to try them. These are P50 apiece and I've read on zerothreetwo.com that Goi Con is one of their favorite snacks at LSBB. I definitely enjoyed both which came with their own complementing sauces. I would mostly prefer the fresh one though the fried counterpart is not half bad at all. This is a great appetizer staple for every visit here.

Cha Gio  P50/pc
Goi Con  P50/pc 

The next dish was the Thai Shimi. This is their version of Japanese tuna sashimi.  The tuna is set on a leaf and topped with a slice of garlic and chili. So, how do you eat this thing? You wrap the tuna sashimi with the leaf and pop the whole thing in your mouth to get the complete experience. I personally do not like leaves with fine hair (you know what I mean?) so I wasn't too fond of it. It was worth the experience though. :D

Thai Shimi P250

           Here are the different sauces that came with our first three dishes. THe most interesting one for me was the tamarind sauce. It was sweet and tangy. But my favorite sauce is the subtly spicy sweet vinegar-based sauce for the Goi Con. All these sauces are made from scratch!

          For our main course, we had Viet Fish. It was served on a sizzling plate and my first impression was that it was a heap! It was probably good for three to four persons. The fish looked like it was stranded in a forest of greenery but it was divinely crisp and had an interesting flavor from the medley of spices it was doused with. It also remained crisp to the end of our meal!

Viet Fish P250

The Smoked Pork Banh Mi then followed, a dish I've been hearing a lot about so I was curiously anticipating to meet this fellow. It was a fat ass sandwich, jampacked with  painstakingly smoked pork shreds smothered in sauce. This one's definitely for the glutton. I loved the smokiness of the pork, the thick, sweet sauce imbued in it, and most of all the kick of freshness from the coriander and cucumbers. Ooh la la.

             After all that food, which was way too much for just two people by the way, Mr. Mark dropped by and offered us dessert. He recommended their homemade kaffir lime mango ice cream with a waffle. I didn't fancy the waffle much but the ice cream was definitely unique. Fresh mango cubes were abundant and the texture was smooth and creamy with a hint of Thai mint. One thing's for sure, it's not your typical sweet ice cream. ;)

             Once you have a taste of LSBB, you'll be reminiscing and dreaming about it. And more unconsciously than not, you'll find yourself back there. I personally find it hard to choose just enough dishes for either my budget or my company because most of their dishes are really good. When budget dictates, my default order would most likely be their Phad Thai, Banh Xeo and Goi Con. :D

        It's quite pricey for a solo diner or even two people, so it's best to eat here with the family. But trust me, you gotta try this place at least once. :)

        Like their Facebook page and check out their website for more info and updates! 


*Banilad Town Centre (BTC)

*Maria Luisa Rd., Banilad (beside The Spa at Cebu) 

Contact:   (032) 354 8013
                (63) 917 311 9859, (63) 917 710 3900

Operating Hours:     12 nn - 2 pm;  5 pm - 3 am    DAILY   

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu!" 

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Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. After seeing this, I'm heading to Little Saigon asap to get my hands on that Viet fish and Banh Mi! Everything looks so good!

    1. Awesome! Yes, they look AND taste good! :D

  2. Everything looks good, healthy and delicious. I'll include LSBB in my bucket list. Thanks for posting this!

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for reading! :D

  3. Murag lami lagi na ang Viet fish :)
    So wala na diay sila sa Guadalupe?

    1. It is! And yes, they closed their Guada branch. :)

  4. Hala too bad they closed their guadalupe branch, wala pa jud ko nka adto...
    Ma try nga in the future :D

  5. Hi Justinne,

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award in my blog. Hope you can check it out! xx

  6. Hi Justinne,

    I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. I hope you find time to check my post. thanks!

  7. Ahh so many places so little time and money! grrrrr. this has been on my list of places to go for a looooooooong time now.


  8. Sad that I didn't get to try this one when they were still in Guadalupe! Banilad's kind of far for me.

    1. Nothing's too far for a good eat within the city! ;)