Cebu Secret Chows Update: Macaron Tango

It's been a year since I last visited this much talked-about authentic French bistro and the last time, I only got to taste their macarons. I wanted to return to try their savory dishes but it was just out of way for me every time.

I recently received an invitation from the owners to try some of their new pastries. And of course, I couldn't turn this offer down. 

The small but spacious bistro looked the same since I last visited. I met with Mr. Remy, the French owner. He pointed to the new desserts in the chiller and asked me which ones I wanted to try. I chose the Banana Caramel Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Cheesecake and Canelle de Bordeaux. The Canelle has been a regular item but I was intrigued by it because Mr. Remy is from Bordeaux so it must be good. ;)

The very accommodating Mr. Remy didn't just give me what I asked for of course. He seemed to really want me to try their cupcake so he added that, their Dark Chocolate Tart and Black Forest Cake. I asked him to just give me really thin slices of the cakes because I knew I couldn't finish them all. So, in reality, the cake slices are much more generous than the ones you see in my photos. ;)

First, the Canelle. Mr. Remy explained that Bordeaux, a southwestern city in France, is famous for their canelles. And he further explained that it is basically like a creme brûlée, only baked in a different way. It leans more on the bread side than the cake side.

Unless you already know what a canelle is like, at first glance, you'd probably think this is a poor little burnt pastry. But like me, you'd be surprised that it doesn't taste burnt at all. The science behind that outer appearance is from caramelization. And yet, this pastry is not too sweet. It somehow has a similar mouthfeel of an egg tart in the middle but only firmer. It may look pretty small but it's actually quite filling. I'd say it's perfect with a cup of coffee. 

Next, the cupcake. This stumped me. I really didn't expect it to be anything special from the way it looked (sorry for judging by the 'cover') but no wonder Mr. Remy wanted me to try it so badly. This humble little cupcake is infused with violet flower and had a pleasantly delicate flavor that bloomed gracefully in the mouth. It truly was something unique. The frosting wasn't too sweet as well, which is rare with most cupcakes.

And oh, the Dark Chocolate Tart! My oh my, did I fall in love with this. The rich dark chocolate filling was cradled by a crisp, almost paper thin shell. I was amazed how the tart shell was able to carry the filling gracefully without getting soft or soggy. It was so lush I couldn't get enough of it. And I also loved the 'doneness' (as if this was steak) of the tart shell (I like my cookies just a second away from being burnt).

       We're only getting to the best part - the cakes! Let's start with the Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. I don't know about you, but I think chocolate cheesecakes are pretty rare. This one was decadent and gave me the impression that all their cheesecakes must be really good. Here, they used premium quality dark chocolate and the richness was balanced by the cheesecake component.

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

           The Banana Caramel Cheesecake affirmed my assumption that they're cheesecakes are exquisite. I don't usually like banana-flavored desserts but this was a tease! It's definitely something that would keep you coming back. The caramel's consistency and balance of sweetness was the crowning glory of this cheesecake.

               And finally, their latest addition to the menu - Black Forest Cake. This is no ordinary black forest cake because it has three different layers that compliment each other. This cake is spiked with an amusing blend of brandy, walsh and rum and has a smooth chocolate chantilly creme layer right smack in the middle. It's a light cake, perfect for those sweet cravings when you just don't want any of those rich cakes that you can only have so much of.

        Okay, so, I still didn't get to taste their main course dishes. I couldn't accommodate even just one dish anymore after all those sweet treats. I guess that's another reason for me to go back for the last revenge. :))

        Macaron Tango's humble and simple desserts are nothing short of extraordinary. I get a lot of inquiries on where to have good desserts and I've been missing this out on the list. Hereon, Macaron Tango will be among the top on my list for the best places to have dessert in town. :)

*This is a Cebu Secret Chows segment. Check out the page on my homepage's menu bar for the complete list and more posts like this. :D 

Macaron Tango 
Boulevard Arcade (under Jo's Inato), Osmena Blvd.
Capitol, Cebu City 6000

Banilad Town Center (BTC),
Gov. M. Cuenco St., Cebu City 6000

Contact:  (032) 236 3488

Operating Hours:   Mon - Sat  8:30 AM - 10 PM 

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. I so love dark chocolates. Hiow much is the dark chocolate tarts and the dark chocolate cheesecake? I will visit this place again soon. =)

    The Exaggerated Zeal

  2. Lami-a ani uy! I'm not a fan of cheesecakes but I might try the dark choco :) Naa pud ni sa ila BTC branch?

    1. Most likely, all their pastries are at their BTC branch, too. :D

  3. Oh, the cheesecakes! I so want to try them! :)