Best Cebu Blog Awards 2013: Third Time's A Charm

          Best Cebu Blog Awards (BCBA) is now on it's 6th year. They say "the third time's a charm" and coincidentally, it's my third time to be nominated and be a finalist for this annual award under the food niche. Well, I don't have any expectations or hopes this year, but I'm grateful to Khonie for whatever she sees in me or rather my blog that is worthy to be nominated for this. Thanks a bunch, Khon! :D

     The brains behind Best Cebu Blog Awards is Mark Monta of cebufitnessblog.com who founded and organized this along with the following bloggers:
Agnes Jimenez of empressofdrac.com
Bjorn Bernales of bjorncebuano.com
Gezelle Tapangan of geemiz.com
Chanel Imperial of shankybaby.blogspot.com
Rabsin dela Cruz of finlust.blogspot.com
       BCBA, for me, is somewhat the benchmark for my blog’s existence. Barely a year into blogging back in 2011, I found my blog nominated for the BCBA. And somehow, Babe for Food has been consistently nominated yearly since.

         I started blogging because I merely wanted to share my thoughts on food and 
become a guide for Cebu’s secret restaurants or hole-in-the-walls, which as I observed, has consistently been a growing trend. I never thought of it as an income generator and for the record, it still isn’t. No offense to those who earn from their blogs, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I myself hope to find a way to make my blog self-sufficient someday because besides the resto/hotel invites, I have to spend for my meals and transportation.  But again, monetizing through my blog is not my ultimate motive or goal. 

I honestly feel that I do not deserve this kind of recognition, to even be among the nominees list, because I feel that I have under-delivered this year. It really sucks that I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wish to. What I miss most is getting to write about restaurants in my Cebu Secret Chows list.

Things just came up, you know. School has been more hectic now that I’m in junior year, especially this semester when I’m bombarded with endless homework every day and my little business (Team Brownie) to juggle on the other hand. 

         Nonetheless, it’s humbling circumstances like these that nudge me to just keep going and doing what I do because it does matter somehow. You see, you have no idea how much I have had to struggle with all this time just to keep this blog. I guess it’s time to share this with you guys. It hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride from the beginning. Basically, my parents thought it was just a waste of time and money even when they knew about my nomination for this award since the first time. They don’t see that food and dining is my passion, my passion enough to share it with others and continue learning about trends in the industry and building an important network all the same. It’s gotten a bit better now that they allow me to attend events but I know they don’t read my blog at all nor encourage it. But that’s alright, I am contented with the fact that at least I know what I want and there’s no stopping me.

         I have my readers and supporters to thank, especially those who comment on my posts, and dear friends who support and encourage me from time to time when I feel like giving up. That’s you, Sir Joel (Joel Locaylocay Photography), Ms. Queenie (chemartist.blogspot.com), Kazoot, Richie (pickiesteater.net), Ejay, Evanjohnn (focalglass.com), Jamaica (throughjamaicaseyes.blogspot.com) and especially Luis, my ultimate food buddy and coach (if Pacquiao has one, why can't I? :p). I really appreciate every feedback or comment I get on the blog. It helps me grow as a writer and individual.

             I would also like to thank the sponsors of BCBA 2013 for making this event possible:






         God bless all the nominees for this year’s awarding and see you at the awards night! J

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. With all due respect to the other nominees.. But for me, when it comes to Cebu Blogs, there's BabeForFood, then there's everyone else.

    You see, your writing isn't just about food. It's much more than that. It's about family, friends, and in general, it's about love. And that's what I look for in a blog.

    Food directory blogs are a dime a dozen, Justinne. Anyone can publish a PR post. But it takes a really special blogger to appreciate the thought process in making each post a personal one.

    No matter what the result of the Cebu Blog awards may be, to me, you have long been Cebu's best blogger, bar none.

    Now if only we can get you to find the time to write more :)

    1. Na-touch ako sa comment na to kahit hindi sakin sinabi. Hahaha! Hey, Justinne. Congratulations! You don't need an award, your beautiful blog itself and your faithful readers are enough rewards. :) Food trip pa tayo soon, when I come back to my favorite place, Cebu. Haha! :)

    2. I agree with Richie! And whatever I see in you, I think Richie sees, too. :D If you don't win, it means there's something wrong with their judges hahahahahaha Come on, your posts are always meaty (hehe) and you definitely know what you are talking (or writing) about.

      "Anyone can publish a PR post" made me think of somebody. Hehehe

    3. Hey Richie! Thank you so much for the kind words. I know I keep saying it but it really means a lot coming from you because you are one of the few people who really knows what it takes to be a true blogger. Thanks for appreciating my blog and for always leaving comments when you sense I need help or whatever. Haha. You have always been there for me since we knew each other through this blog and I can't be more grateful. And for that, you have played a big part in inspiring me to keep blogging even when the going gets tough. I also have a sense of accomplishment with the blog getting to know you through it. Thank you! :D

    4. Hey Pepe! Naks nmn. Thanks for that beautiful statement. Hahaha. Makes me feel like a winner na. But seriously, I agree I don't need an award. It was never part of my aspirations when I started blogging anyway. What matters is I meet people through this blog and finding that I get regular readers on this blog. Nothing makes me happier. :) And of course, we have to meet when you come back. Promise me! :))

      Hey Khon! Hahahaha meaty jud? Cguro kay meaty pud ko. Hahaha. Thanks btaw! Hmm… Knsa kha nang "anyone can publish a pr post?" hahahha. food trip na lgi ta oi! bahala na dugay nko ma post sa blog. :)) sorry jud, busy lng with school and business. :))

    5. hahaha naay unod ba, diba kung sa English pa kay "meaty" hahaha. Yes, food trip anytime, ikaw man ang busy hahaha

  2. Awwww thanks for the mention just! :D you deserve this! but that's not my blog :P hala ka sakspan you don't read my blog ha :P

    1. OMG! Sorry, Johnn! I corrected it na. Hahhaha. But hey, you're on my blogroll bya. :p And bad ka, u didn't attend the awards night. :p

  3. Congratulations, Justinne! You truly deserve it. :)

  4. Three monkey of Gandhi ji really interesting thanks for sharing like that post.