Best Cebu Blog Awards 2013 Winners

         Hello there! If you’ve read my previous post, I was a food blog finalist for Best Cebu Blog Awards 2013. Do you wanna know the results? :D

This time around, the awards night was held at Avalon on December 7, 2013 and the emcee was the ever charming Rabsin dela Cruz of finalist.blogspot.com.

Rabsin dela Cruz of finlust.blogspot.com as emcee

         Having attended this event three years in a row now, I wasn’t worried about where or who to sit with anymore since I know a couple of bloggers already. And this time, my manager Luis, was coming along with me for moral support. :))

 So, I put on some heels and a simple girly outfit. Well, that wasn’t exactly a good idea because I had to walk in those killer heels all the way from City Sports Club to Ayala and to Avalon. There was a brownout in Ayala that time, too. Oh well. I was running late so I didn’t have a choice. I’m just glad I made it in time when everyone just started eating.

Here’s my outfit shot so you have an idea:

Do you think I can be a fashion blogger? Hehe. :p

This year’s recognition was interesting because the criteria for the Top Famous Blogs was modified to be more extensive. That means nominees do not get to win this award by Facebook likes alone.

The criteria this year is as follows:

30 % – Number of Facebook Likes at Best Cebu Blogs of 2013 Fan Page
35 % – Nominated Blog’s Page Rank
35 % – Nominated Blog’s Alexa and Domain Authority

Not surprisingly, the winners for this award were totally different from last year’s.

Top Famous Blogs winners (from left): Mark Monta, Alexa Martin, Gay Dumaguing, Rodrick Guarin, Leylan Romarate, Edwin Castillon and Bjorn Bernales

# 10 - Mr. Orville Tadle from www.iamdownloader.com
#9    - Ms. Alexa Martin from www.iamalexa.biz
#8    - Mr. Ken Michael Jon Taarup from www.aroundtheflexure.com
#7    - Ms. Gay Aida Dumaguing from www.exoticphilippines.info
#6    - Mr. Edwin Castillon from www.LakbayDiva.com
#5    - Mr. James Arnold Nogra from babydesertwolf.blogspot.com
#4    - Mr. Evanjohnn Mendoza from www.focalglass.com
#3    - Mr. Leylan Romarate from mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com
#2    - Mr. Rodrick P. Guarin from www.spotaleopard.com
#1    - Mr. Enje Godinez from www.gotecotech.com

As for the Best in Niche Award, the criteria were as follows:

1. Content = 30% [Grammar, integration of photos, videos and other media, and blog's influence on its chosen niche]
2. Design and Layout = 30% [user-friendliness and appeal]
3. Relevance to NICHE = 40 % [Uniqueness of chosen Blog Niche, Presentation of Niche’s topic/article]

The winners were:

Best in Niche winners (from 3rd from left): Edwin Castillon, Alexa Martin, Marco Paulo Diala, Dr. Narciso Tapia, Philip Mayol, and Leylan Romarate   
Best Cebu Events/Entertainment Blogger - Mr. Philip Andrew Mayol of www.cebufinest.com
Best Cebu Personal Blogger: Dr. Narciso Tapia of pinoylifewithpkd.blogspot.com
Best Cebu Photo Blogger: Mr. Leylan Romarate of mycebuphotoblog.wordpress.com
Best Cebu Travel Blogger: Mr. Edwin Castillon of www.LakbayDiva.com 
Best Cebu Technology Blogger: Jose Farrugia of www.wiredmash.com 
Best Cebu Food Blogger: Marco Diala of www.lamikaayo.com 
Best Cebu Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger : Alexa Martin of www.iamalexa.biz 

         The highlight of the night would probably be Ed Castillon of LakbayDiva.com,  who was the hoarder of all the awards – Top Famous Blogs, Best Travel Blogger and Greenwich Favorite ng Barkada Award. He was no doubt the life of the party, drawing smiles and giggles from the crowd every time he went to the front. All he said in his acceptance speech was “I’m gonna win the (Samsung) S4!” Hahaha. The biggest raffle prize was a Samsung Galaxy S4, which I’m sure everyone had their hopes on. I think we’d all become an angry mob if he had to win the S4, too. Right?! Haha. Peace, Lak Bay! :))

spunky Ed Castillon of LakbayDiva.com

I’m just bummed the S4 didn’t go to me because I badly need a better phone to easily be connected to social networks more often and take better photos. Oh well. :)

Congratulations to all the nominees, winners, organisers and sponsors! It’s been a humbling experience and I wish you all the best. May we all continue to blog for the love of our beautiful island, Cebu, and most importantly to educate/inspire our readers. ‘Til next time!

*photos taken from Best Cebu Blogs Facebook page
 oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Hahaha manager na diay si Luis. I thought he was supposed to be the slave :D And yes, pwede sad ka ma fashion blogger :D

    Congratulations winners!

    1. Hahahaha manager and slave. He's that flexible… and irreplaceable. Char. Hahahaha. D cguro ko pwede ma fashion blogger cuz I dunno fashion terms and outfit repeater pud ko. LOL.

  2. well, your outfit paid off. you were the most gorgeous lady that night! natalbogan beauty ko :P

    er, yeah i would be hoarding a lot if i won that S4 hahahahaha!

    1. Hahahaha! OMG wait na starstruck ko ni comment ang one and only Lakbay Diva sa ako blog! Waaaa! Thanks, for the compliment. I hope dli na joke. HAHAHA. :))

    2. no joke uy! starstruck ba, di man ko bituon. diamond hinuon, diamond. like this one right here: http://vimeo.com/64727188

    3. Saw you sa awards! You look great! Grabe Lakbay Diva, pakyaw much!

    4. @lakbay HAHAHA talbog c rihanna sa imo vid! u are so full of surprises. i hope u can take me to that sardine school someday! ;)

      @Gay Hi! Thanks! Nice seeing you there, too. And congrats! :)

  3. To be honest, when I saw you in person, I thought you were a fashion blogger. I believe that was during Social Media Influencers Summit. Why are the top Cebu food bloggers so beautiful and sexy?

    We shared the same table during the event pero mauwaw ko motagad. I'm shy type. :D

    - Jane of http://www.geekgonegirly.com/

    1. Haha! Shy jd ka! Pero shy sad ko. I hope I didn't come off as a snob to you. Haha. Hope to see you around! :)

  4. Congratulations to all the winners & nominees! keep blogging & inspiring Filipinos! Good luck Ms. Justinne :)

  5. After a long time I got something fresh and quality content on related topic. I searched a lot for the related material but got almost replica work. Keep it up! It is really very informative.

    1. Thank you very much! Appreciate your comment! :)

  6. Baaaaaaaabe!!! Pwede najud kaayo ma fashion blooooogah! IMY! Hope to see you in Sinulog. BTW, the link sa ako blog is opening a site with photos of girls,,,so unlikely to be mine. looool!