Cebu Secret Chows: Lunch Date at a Hidden Paradise

....I meant "at a (restaurant) hidden (in) paradise (village)". Okay, scrap that.

I'm talking about this tiny restobar called 30 Kitchen I've heard about from a few guys including my brother, located right outside Paradise Village, Banilad. A friend who's been encouraging me to check it out recently gave me the urge to dine there as soon as I had the budget. 
The entrance door was like that of an apartment (well, if it didn't have the clear glass panel)... see? Do forgive me, I totally forgot to ask why it was named so because I was just so excited to get in and see what meets my taste buds. :D

I loved that the interiors were light blue! It gave a Mediterranean feel to the place. They also had quite a wide range of menu. You can practically eat here all day. From breky, to brunch, lunch, coffee, dinner and  alcohol time. They have French toasts, sandwiches, pasta, appetizers you can have with coffee, alcohol, or as starters for your meals and you'll have to ask for the cake of the day for your dessert. I wanted to try their toasts & dips and quesadillas which came in several flavors but my date didn't match my appetite so I had to have just enough for me to eat. They also had different kinds of Monte Cristo sandwiches. 

If you're wondering who my date was....

meet Denise!
friends since grade school :)
spicy sausage pasta
Denise enjoying her pasta
The overcooked pasta disappointed me but at least the sauce was okay. Italian, the way I like it. Pasta was around Php 140-160.

As for me, I had a hard time taking my pick because I wanted to have everything. All their fish dishes sounded good but the waitress said the Mediterranean fish fillet was most ordered. They had fish fillet in pesto sauce and another recipe with sour cream dill. 
pan-fried fish fillet with tomatoes, onions and olives in balsamic @ php 170
The fish was perfectly seasoned and I loved the tart sweetness the balsamic gave to the vegetable toppings. Oh so good. And that's not enough....

I couldn't resist the French toast. I had to try one at least for dessert. And boy was I happy when it was served. Wouldn't you be? :D
This was the star of the meal for me. They use home-made jam and wheat bread. Still quite pricey though. But I guess that's the cost of being too lazy to make your own at home. :)

Tip: Add P20 for a scoop of ice cream
Regular French toasts with jams are at P80
mango jam, nutella and vanilla ice cream on wheat French toast @ php 100
The effect of this feast?
happy and filled up to the throat

Babe for Food in action:
ha! gobbled up. easy as pie. :)
my mouse or ratatouille face. scary or silly? :))
that's how i'll look if someone tries to grab my food.

It was so hot that the car was like a sauna when we got in. I had to sit on newspaper to save my butt from being seared. 

So overall, the place was chill but because it was too small anything was audible. I don't commend the service though because the waitress/cashier made me feel like she was just doing her job. She wasn't courteous or natural enough for great service. But I think the place would be really nice for coffee or drinks after dinner. A lot of the items on the menu are worth trying. The servings are huge! Good for 2. 

Price range: Php 80-280

photos by: Denise Libi :)

How to get there: click here for map

Conquering Cebu one resto at a time....

- Babe for Food - 
your new BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. i wanna try it there! french toast looks so yummy!

  2. Yup! They use home-made jams! :)

  3. The french toast looks delicious! Drool!!

  4. It is! I'd rather make it myself though. Haha. Quite pricey. :)

  5. The french toast is making me drool. I've heard about the resto a couple of times. Banilad is just a bit out of the way for someone like me who lives in the southern part of the city. Wish I can drop by around the area during the holidays.
    Nice post, Justinee!:)

  6. Thanks! Well, I can definitely say this resto is worth visiting. It's one of the best hole-in-the-walls in town! :)

    And there are quite a number of places I wanna visit in the south, too. :)