Food Fair!

Hello, foodies!

    Last Tuesday, I found that there was a food fair at CAFA (College of Architecture and Fine Arts) building in school for the whole week culminated by Third Year Advertising students for their finals. I wasn't able to bring my camera then so I decided to go to school a little early on Thursday (my class at this building is only on T-TH, you see) so I could show you guys what went on. These students designed their own booths and brainstormed their concepts. I always love seeing young entrepreneurship in F&B on display! :D
a bird's eye view of the scene
study area turned dining hall! :D
The first thing I popped in my mouth was....
Mocha Magnifico by Sweet Tooth... because I have a sweet tooth! :)

Mocha Magnifico @ Php 18 - graham crackers with mocha cream and stick-o
brownies and cupcakes
lovely ladies behind the sweet booth :)
Next stop.... Hmmm...
GUYS selling cute bite-sized pancakes for Php 10 each. :))
watch :)
strawberry oreo in the center 
finishing touches
You're given a choice of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry for your oreo in your pancake. It's not really rocket science but it was cute. Who doesn't love oreos? I prefer crushing the oreos and mixing them in the batter though for a more even distribution. :)
more pancakes! this time, chopped up and topped with whipped cream and fresh mango or banana or choco chip Php 15 each. :D
i'm a fruity kind so I chose the fresh mango topping. i loved it!

fresh fruits! <3
i got a watermelon smoothie for Php 35!
Anything with fresh fruits, I love! The Fruit Bar would have been a perfect snack for me but I wouldn't be staying in that building for the afternoon so I got the watermelon smoothie instead. They offered really cheap fresh fruit salad, fresh fruit shakes and smoothies! Their smoothies were made of 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream instead of sugar and milk. :D

Frapz & Fry. My last stop.
their menu: Frozen Bliss, Sublime and Nutella
I got NUTELLA, of course. :) 
Frapz & Fry was like a mini Starbucks. I didn't get to take a pic of me with my drink because I was already late for class and my exam. I didn't see what they "fried" either. My drink was good but they weren't using a heavy duty blender or osterizer so it still had ice bits. 

You guys should know I was eating all these for brunch. :))

And here are the other booths I wasn't able to taste. All this eating was burning my wallet. Lol.
The Yellow Fruit: my favorite booth design
their menu: banana crepe and banana split
This was my favorite booth design because it was very relevant to the concept. I loved that they used indigenous materials like mat weaving and they even had a monkey that could light up on their name.
La Casa con Queso
 They had beef tacos, burritos and nachos. I wanted to try their products but I didn't have time and money anymore. Haha.

I'd have to say this was the most brilliant booth. Who can resist good old street food - PUSO, SIOMAI, TEMPURA, NGOHIONG? They also had cheese sticks. I had this for lunch. Just 2 pcs. puso and 3 pcs. siomai. I think the only thing they lacked was GINABOT; our national flower, CHICHARONG BULAKLAK. :D

They were always swarmed come lunch time though. 
 This Victorian cafe-themed booth was also attractive. They also served good frappes but I wasn't able to get any since I opted for the Nutella from Frapz & Fry.

Overall, I'm sure this fair was a success and I really was impressed by these advertising students. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! :)

 - Babe For Food -
your new BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. mana diay. too bad. This sounds awesome!

  2. yeah. hehe. when can we go on a lunch or coffee date again, love???