More Behind The Scenes

Hey, foodies!

Here's more pics of my practical final exam. Poke fun at me all you want. :p

additional instructions

making the glutinous rice ball dough :D
making the balls 
brown sugar and red bean paste filling 
making the red bean paste
and I made....CRAP. rejects.
here goes...!
before she bites into it
taking her first bite
what's she gotta say?
Whew! :)
on the edge of glory :)

I forgot the eggs for the rice! Lol. My bad. I wasn't too happy with my plating either. I have to admit, I let the jitters get to me a bit. But overall, I was happy I cooked all by myself again after months! It felt so liberating, like I could breathe again. :)

'Til my next kitchen episodes...

Live to eat. <3

- Babe for Food - 
your new BFF in Cebu dining! :)

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