A Visit to the Roots

                The babe has been away since the end of April, specifically April 29-May 3 to be exact. This was my first official vacation trip this year: 4 days in Mindanao for a family reunion of Mom’s side and the birthday celebration of mom’s uncle, Papa Jerry. I was actually reluctant about this trip because I’ve just started getting my pastry line Blissful Bites moving, but family matters are not to be missed. I was also hoping this would be my chance to finally begin a travel blog but lo and behold, after fully charging my camera the whole night, it was left behind. No worries though, that doesn’t stop me from sharing with you my great adventures in the wonderful homeland of my mom. :D

The trip was sojourned by boat, Superferry of 2Go, from Cebu to Nasipit and back. The route: Cebu – Nasipit, Agusan del Norte – Butuan City, Agusan del Norte – Mangagoy, Bislig (Surigao del Sur). Only Cebu to Nasipit and vice versa was on boat. Nasipit to Butuan and Bislig were all land trip, courtesy of the relatives (yay for relatives!). The travelers for this trip are JB (my older brother), Joanna (the baby sister), Mother and I. Departure from Cebu was scheduled at 4 am but there was a slight problem with the system so we were delayed to 6 am. Original arrival scheduled at 6 pm was then moved to 9:30 p.m.

To my frustration, there was no internet connection onboard the boat so I really couldn’t update my blog nor check my emails as much as I wanted to; thus, the quiet blog. Our tourist cabin was also quite warm (and I was wearing long sleeves and jeans, expecting it to be freezing cold from previous experience) because the AC was really low so I couldn’t sleep much. Fortunately, the viewing deck was there to comfort me with a great view of the ocean reflecting the sky and the cool, strong wind from the boat swiftly cutting through the water. Watching the sunset was so appeasing and there was also a part of the ocean where it was incredibly tranquil and looked to be as a mirror, the boat being the only invader of the stillness. I wish I had a good camera to take photos of these.   

                As for the food served in the boat, meals were sold at P105 which consists of a main dish, rice and coffee. It was tasking to devour their offerings, really. The food was overpriced and murdered. Rubbish, if you had to ask Gordon Ramsay. I had dry, overcooked fish steak for lunch and unmarinated, almost spoiled pork barbecue for dinner. Bringing your own food and drinks is strongly recommended on boat trips.  

I have traveled to Surigao City with mother countless times in my younger days though not in a long time (the last time was probably back in high school). But this was to be my first time to visit Butuan and Bislig after two decades of only hearing about them all the time. It only takes 30 mins. to get to Butuan from Nasipit. We got to our abode for the night, Emerald’s Hotel, at 11 pm; P1000 for a double bed accommodation. The room had old furnishings, especially the TV; definitely not worth the cost but we didn’t mind anymore. At least they had warm water to bathe in. I was knocked out. I slept right after washing up.

Sorry I don’t have photos for this post but I’d hate to keep this dragging in dullness either. I assure you the next post will have photos to entertain and tease your eyes and of course your taste buds. ;)

P.S. I hope this little travel segment on my blog will be as entertaining and informative as the food segment. 

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. AHA! Bitten by the travel bug! *Evil laugh* Daghan na ta hehehe

    1. Haha. Yup! But you're still my idol. ;)

  2. Hi, I am from Butuan City, you could have stayed to other hotels, Emeral is sooo old and i think they havent renovated their furnitures and stuff. Well, there's always a flop in everything. so long as ypu had a blast never mind the hassles.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the suggestion but it was already really late and I guess we were just looking for a place to sleep and wash up in for the night. But yeah, the price wasn't worth it. Haha. I didn't get to tour Butuan much at all but I did have a blast in Surigao. Thanks! :D