Torta Og Uban Pa: Torta of the North

          I was so excited to have received an invite from one of my best friends from culinary school to the soft opening of her little pastry shop, Torta Og Uban Pa (translation: Torta and Others), at Catmon, north of Cebu! It's two hours from the city but I didn't care. I just wanted to support her and taste those cupcakes that I've been drooling over on Facebook! I also wanted to take this opportunity for an adventure up north of Cebu. I thought I'd be taking a bus alone for the first time but her friends who were also going brought a car and offered me to ride with them. So, I had to save that little adventure for next time. 

         I savored the countryside scenery on our way to the destination whilst my tummy was squirming for those cupcakes and torta. We arrived to the hustle and bustle of crowding customers, calling out their orders like they were at a huge sale. Well, Kazoot (my friend, owner of Torta Og Uban Pa) did have a special raffle for every P50 purchase just for the day so the racket was understandable.  

        Torta Og Uban Pa was originally a home-based pastry business specializing in torta (our local cupcakes) and made-to-order cakes and cupcakes. Pictures of the products have been starring in Facebook and orders grew quickly as word-of-mouth news of its existence spread like fire. Finally, the first outlet is ready to shine. 

           Now, they have added to the "uban pa" of their menu -- leche flan and budbud kabog. These are must try's as well. 

            The funny thing was, most of the customers were male! And those supposedly masculine looking ones in sleeveless shirts and with mustaches. Imagine guys like these leaving the store with a box of cupcakes in hand. I guess cupcakes are the Delilah to these Samsons. :))

         A buffet of their homemade dishes, a common sight for every special occasion with the Jurado-Caguitla's, was efficiently set up and refilled from time to time. With their family, it's always a scrumptious feast. They are such gifted cooks. :D 

          The dishes offered actually had superstitious fortune symbols behind them. Kazoot explained that biko attracts 'luck' because it's sweet and appealing while the jackfruit or nangka allures fortune because of it's fragrance. 

nangka (jackfruit), white slice bread, pancit canton, ube angel cake
macaroni pasta
           The best part of the buffet was a free taste of their leche flan which was very close to tocino del cielo, the Spanish version of leche flan. It's rich, creamy and smooth; perfect with coffee. Kazoot said they bake this for two hours. No wonder it's perfect. 

leche flan

            We all definitely enjoyed the food and I guarantee you can't leave this place without buying anything. It's all too good to miss out on. 

from left: Marian, Lovely, Kazoot, me
Kazootie and I!

            The names of the cupcakes are adorable -- "Pooh-la-lah" for red velvet, "koohkiss" for cookies and cream, "barako" for mocha, "hubad" for cream cheese and chocolate, and "Lemon Lemon Sinta" for lemon. The latter is my favorite. All her cupcakes are extra special because they're mixed by hand. Kazoot said they taste better that way. And why not, with all that love and care. You'd also be surprised how affordable these are. They are just P20 each except for the red velvet which is P25.

           Of course, let's not forget the TORTA. This is the cream of the crop in Torta Og Uban Pa. While Argao is known for their torta in the south, I think it's safe to say that Catmon is the new torta capital of the north

             This is not your typical torta. It has a lightly crisp exterior and is more dense than the usual torta's. It doesn't crumble with every bite but holds together like a compact mamon. 

       Oh, and here's a little secret. Torta Og Uban Pa accepts orders for bridal showers among other occasions. This was ordered by one of Kazoot's friends and Kazoot said she had to hide this from her dad. These cupcakes are literally sinful. :))

         In case you don't know where it is in Catmon, it's right across this rural bank:

          Congratulations to Annelise "Kazoot" Caguitla for the successful opening of her business that has long been awaited by friends. I'm so proud of you! This is one girl who knows what she loves doing and doesn't have to feel like she's working a single day in her life. Cheers! :D

Torta    -     P14/pc
                  P80      box of 6
                  P150    box of 12
                  P275    box of 24

Cupcakes   -   P20/pc (except for red velvet/pooh-la-la -P25)

Budbud Kabog   -  2 for P15

Leche Flan    -    P120

Torta Og Uban Pa
679 National Road, 
Catmon, Cebu

Mobile - (+63) 917 620 6940
Landline - (032) 430 9021

*For Cebu City orders, you may contact the same contact numbers to be advised where to pick up your order in the city.

Facebook: facebook.com/TortaOgUbanPa

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food 
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. So what exactly is Torta? I saw a stall here in Manila but haven't tried it yet. :)


    1. It's basically like mamon or local cupcake, Cebuano version. Made of butter, eggs, and flour. You should try Cebuano torta. :D

  2. Not a fan of torta but, my oh my, I am drooling over the leche flan and cupcakes! I wanna hop on the bus and go to Catmon now!!!

    1. Me too, not that big a fan of torta but for those who are, I think they'd love this. :D

      The leche flan is to die for!!! :D

  3. Wala gyapon ko ka adto sa Torta og Uban pa :-(

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