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         Ironic how Cebu (and the Philippines) was a Spanish colony for a couple hundred years and yet you only see meager traces of their cuisine in the food scene today; well, aside from the commoners - lengua and paella - which are not even done justice by most. Ever thought of that? 

         So, where do we actually find good paella, callos, lengua, empanada, and the sorts in this town of shrooming resto's? Good food is, most often than not, found in the home. And fortunately, the Cebu Food Market at BTC offers home cooks and bakers an outlet for their experiments or legacies, where foodmongers may scavenge to find anything their taste buds may crave for. Dos Hermanos is one of these few genuine home cooks who offer dishes especially seasoned with sweat hard work and passion. 

         Dos Hermanos means "two brothers" in Mexican. You could say it's another irony how this little business engorged in Spanish cuisine is baptized in Mexican; but no big deal really. Spanish chorizo, the firstborn and crowning glory of Dos Hermanos, was borne out of the hands of two brothers; thus, the name. It became a popular fare among friends that one of the brothers, Alfonso Martinez, decided to focus on it as his business.

          Aside from his famed chorizo, Alfonso also created his versions of paella mixta, paella negra, paella valenciana and, callos.  These were the first products he sold at the Sunday market in BTC, which easily drew a stream of regulars.  

        Only a handful actually have the skill in churning up sensually gratifying callos (stewed ox tripe in tomato-based sauce). My biased favor clings to my mother's recipe (as we most probably do, each to our own mothers) but she hasn't been making any for too long now so whenever I spot callos in a menu, I eagerly yet skeptically consider having a taste; although none has impressed me quite yet. Dos Hermanos' I have yet to try. I must say, it looks succulent. 

Callos Casera
Chorizo Fresco Picante
Paella Mixta
Paella Negra

           As his clients grew, so did his menu. Chorizo empanadas, chorizo paella, paella balls and croquetas were the new kids on the block. These he sold separately at the Cebu Food Market on Saturdays. 

Chorizo Empanada
Paella Balls

         I have tried the chorizo paella w/ egg, paella balls, croquetas and empanadas and all have impressed me. I simply fell in love with these Spanish conquistadors in the food market. The croquetas, those velvety bechamel balls, were perfect tapas. 

The paella with that perfectly executed egg glimmering in all its glory was irresistible.
The paella balls were a Spanish version of Japanese rice cakes, only with better texture from the crisp shell.
...and the empanadas won me over from my particular distaste of this breed. 

         The empanadas had a crisp, flaky crust with just the right amount of filling, bursting with flavor as you take your first bite with the beautiful medley of roasted peppers, caramelized onions and that special chorizo. I think the fact that it didn't have green peas and raisins in them was one of the charms. I loathe those gatecrashers in them typical  empanadas.

         So now, you don't have to head out to a fancy schmancy Spanish resto (if you even find a decent one out there) to have some good ole Spaniards Spanish gracing your table. 

        If you can't wait for the weekend to have some, just give them a call. Orders are most welcome. ;)  

*Photos by Dos Hermanos

Dos Hermanos
Cebu Food Market, Banilad Town Center
Gov. M Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City 6000

Saturdays and Sundays   10 AM - 6 PM

For orders, contact: +63 917 620 8764

For updates, like them on Facebook: facebook.com/doshermanos.spanishcuisine  

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