Valentines Resto Destinations 2013

           I've been asked by friends and readers recently for valentine resto suggestions. Which reminds me, that day when roses and flowers suddenly pop out everywhere in bouquets is fast approaching; that day when the loveless dread the question "Where's your date?"

          It's always been just another day for me but okay lovebirds, this one's for you. Here's a list of resto's I'd love to be at if I had a date for Valentines. I haven't made reviews for some resto's yet though so I just added links to other awesome bloggers who did. Hope this helps! :)

1. Tavolata -- the Italian love affair

           Design Center of Cebu, A.S. Fortuna, 
         P. Remedio Street, Mandaue City, Cebu 
         Tel: +63 32 505 6211

(photo by jinlovestoeat)
          Who can't fall in love with Italy and not to mention, her food? Tavolata is the closest you can get to a romantic Italian setting with their perfect ambience and menu. The ladies will surely be swept off their feet and forget they're even in Cebu. PLUS, get this, NO SERVICE CHARGE. Now you're in love? 

           I dream of dining here myself someday. <3

            Visit  Jin loves to eat for a preview of the divine dishes and impressive ambience you'll find here. 

2. La Maison Rose -- pink is the color of love

        371 Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City 
  •     Open daily,  12NN-3PM, 6:30PM-1AM
  •     Tel: (+63-32) 268-5411
(photo by Brave the Waves)

           The color of the house alone is biased to feminine appeal but classy guys know this is the place to take a lady for that intimate and romantic date just like the movies. 

Review: Brave the Waves

3. La Tegola (Busay)

           Upper Busay, Cebu City (right before TOPS)
         (032) 419 2220

(photo by: http://cebu-life.jugem.jp)

               Feel the cool night breeze on top of Cebu with heartwarming Italian food to cozy up to each other. This place is always part of the list for Valentine destinations. 

           Sorry, I couldn't find a nice and elaborate enough review for this but try checking out cebu-life.jugem.jp.

4. Blu Bar -- just say "Yes!"

        Penthouse, Marco Polo Plaza, Nivel Hills, 
        Lahug, Cebu City
        (032) 253-1111 loc. 8245 or 8305 

(photo from marcopoloplazacebu.com)

            Of course, who could miss the Blu Bar, an awarded best resto in the country. At 1,000 feet high above Cebu, the girl of your dreams will definitely hold on to you (because she's scared of heights). But really, this place is a famous spot for marriage proposals as well. Take her here for some serious wooing. 

        Take a closer view at iluvcebu.com.

5. Maya 

           Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City
         238 9552, 238 9618
        11am – 2pm, 5pm – 12mn

(photo from theabacagroup.com)

             Maya has been ringing in Manila ears as the best Mexican resto in the country. Who could expect less from an Abaca resto? Maya will surely warm the ladies' hearts. 

      Take it from Tales from the Tummy!

6. Tinder Box

           Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Corner Bauhinia Drive
        Banilad, Cebu City
          (032) 234-1681 to 83

               This is one of the best places to have cheese and wine in Cebu. A resto that lets the food do the talking. Read a quick review by dinneratsixthirty.com
7. Rica's

            #1 Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Luisa Road 
         (032) 236-3562

photo by: stylesamurai.blogspot.com

                 Dine in classic chic interiors with heartwarming food where you're away from the other buzzing resto's around town. One of Cebu's best kept secrets. ;)

                Try some recommended dishes from diningcebu.com. 

8. Bellini

           Bellini Champagne Bar/ Anzani Restaurant
         Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills
         Lahug, Cebu City
         +63 32 2327375

photos by: stylecebu.com

           Most women can't resist champagne and this matched with a beautiful view of Cebu. One of the most romantic spots in Cebu. Take it from stylecebu.com

9. Lantaw

          Day-as, Cordova, Mactan
        (032) 514-2959/09236522270

          Busay, Cebu City  
        Operating Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm (Monday to Sunday)
        Contact number: (032) 511 0379 / 09339505323
Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant
photo by: beautyofcebu.blogspot.com
Lantaw Native Restaurant Busay
photo by: iluvcebu.com

               Lantaw just opened its second branch at Busay, so now you have the option to take your date to a nice view of Cebu's skyline with either sea breeze or mountain breeze. All factors -- ambience, food and view -- set the mood for a perfect night together.          

For a peek into their menu and more details on how to get there, check out: 
iluvcebu.com (busay) and libotero.com (cordova, mactan)

For those who are tight on the pockets... No worries! Here are great places to take your date without looking scrimpy. ;)

10. Simply J's

            10 Apitong St. Cor. N. Escario, Cebu City
          (beside Diamond Suites)

         Operating Hours:   Mon to Sun     11 am - 2 pm
                                                           6 pm - 10 pm

          Contact: (032) 505 8315

Simply J's is simply elegant and simply perfect for a classy guy who knows how to treat his girl. Read about one guy like this: 
Babe for Food

11. 10 Dove. St.

             10 Dove St., Sto. Nino Village, 
          Banilad, Cebu City
          (032) 346 0618
          Monday - Saturday   11:30 a.m - 10:00 p.m.

             This place is a staple in the list of Valentines spots. Make your special someone feel extra special with a 3-course meal in a secluded resto with a simple and chic ambience. Perfect for an intimate dinner without boring a hole in the guy's pocket.

Read more at: Babe for Food and iluvcebu.com

12. Jango's -- dinner and movie date in one!

               This is a spot both for the lovebirds and the singles. You can have lunch or dinner here at everything for less than P200 then while the night away with a good movie. Lazy or clueless guys can get away with being smooth and fun here.  
13. The Chillage  -- Shop.Eat.Play!

          G/F Adnama Bldg, Larrazabal Ave., North Reclamation, 6014 Cebu City
          Operating Hours: Tues - Sun   10 am - 10 pm
          Contact: +63 917 704 3827


         One of my favorite places in Cebu! Another spot for both lovebirds and singles. All food at less than P200 but without compromising quality. This is a fun and intrinsic place to take your lovely date or friends to hang out. 

Read more at: Babe for Food: When Food and Fashion Meet 1

14. Scrapyard Lounge

             Henry Hotel
    No. 1, Paseo Saturnino, Banilad
    6000 Cebu City
   Tel. +63 32 520 8877
   Fax. +63 32 520 7511

              Enjoy a sleek interior and comfy yet classy ambience at Scrapyard with live music in the background for that special night. This is a place where conversations just flow.  


  1. Haven't visited any of those restos. I guess I should visit any of these places when I visit Cebu soon (hopefully with somebody special :P)


    1. Yup! These are must-visits in Cebu! I have yet to visit some myself. :D


  3. I love your list! And thanks for the feature. :)

    I can't wait to come back home to Cebu and try Tavolata and Lantaw! :)

    Happy Valentines Day! :)

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for dropping by! Belated Happy Valentines! :D

  4. Hi Justinne,
    Enjoyed every piece of information. So informative and I'm already excited to explore more dining scenes in Cebu :-)

    1. Thank you so much for dropping a nice comment! Enjoy Cebu! :)

  5. Hi Justinne! Since I moved here in Cebu, I've been relying on your blog as my foodtripping guide. Just dropping by to say I'm a fan and I have your URL bookmarked. :)

    More gastronomic adventures to both of us! Kampai!

    1. Hi mschynnita!

      Thanks so much for dropping a comment! Hope you enjoy reading my blog whenever you visit. Cheers! :D

  6. hey Justinne! more info on scrapyard? like menu list, would really help me a lot. thanks in advance!

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I haven't actually been to Scrapyard yet so I don't know the menu here. Sorry! :)

  7. everyday is valentines day for lovers! iv been to some places& yes ur ryt about ur features..nice&best blog uv got:)

    1. I have to agree with your first sentence! Haha. Thanks for the comment and for dropping by! :D