2011 - The Ride of My Life

         While the rest of the world (well, technically my side of the world) is buzzing with families and relatives catching up over dinner and drinks, everyone sending new year's greetings to each other through SMS or however, and others doing some dry runs for the big bang tonight, I'm gonna be going back and rounding up my year 'til the last second.  

        This year has been an amazing roller coaster ride. There have just been unexpected twists and turns that I am more thankful for than regretful. So excuse me while I try to recollect these events with the best of my short-term memory. Hope you guys would enjoy and relate to my journey! 

I'll try to do this as organized and chronologically arranged as I can. ;)

1. Ran alone for the first time (10k in 1 hr 22). - March 20

As usual, sneaked out of the house to do a fun run (cuz I'm not allowed to. Bummer). And not just any fun run. This was more meaningful cuz I was supporting a friend's event. This was organized by my dear awesome friend, Issa Perez (fashion blogger - http://www.littleblacksheepfashion.blogspot.com) and it was a success! 

2. Went back to church! Missed it for nearly 2 years from working at our cafe. I missed God! - April

3. Beach body!!! Wooohooo! Finally! - April

From 62 kg down to 49 kg! :D

A breakup helps a lot. :p

4. Our family business (where I was managing a cafe) closed down so I started blogging! HELLO, BLOGOSPHERE! :D - May 16    

Just to give you the story in a nutshell: 

I stopped school to help out with the business after 1 yr of culinary. It was nearly 2 years of torture though very educational. No regrets! :D
5. Went back to school! Finally started to take my college degree after culinary. Enrolled at University of San Carlos to take BS Nutrition and Dietetics. - June

6. Played volleyball again after high school! My first intrams! Wooot! Champion team! :D - August

7. First bloggers meet! Thanks, Eden of  Chic in the Tropics! :D - June

the lone food blogger among the fashion bloggers :))

8. First major cooking exam with my own recipes! :D - September

9. Dinner with Philippine Masterchefs Gene and and Gino Gonzalez and their team Chef Lawrence Zafra and Chef Toto Erfe. - September
10. First resto owners to appreciate my write-up about them. Stephen Aznar and Joy Uy of Cafe Elysa. - June

11. Worked for a week at Anzani. - October

12. First official eating contest! Burger Challenge at Dong Juan! :D - November

12. First invite to an event by a resto I wrote about. Again, Cafe Elysa! :D - November

13. Best Cebu Blog Awards Nominee and Finalist! Under food and personal categories. One of the top 40 out of more than a hundred bloggers. :D - November

from left: Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics, Kristine Roa of Instyle Cebu and Glamarazzi, and yours truly
Best Cebu Blog Awards finalists!

14. Attended Visayas Blogging Summit. - November 26

Babe for Food and Ms. Foodiecraft

with Ejay Williams and Evanjohnn Mendoza

15. First beauty pageant! USC Christmas King and Queen 2011. :) - December 15

Didn't win a single award but the experience was priceless. Made new friends and it was just something I never imagined I'd ever be in. :D

16. Survived Christmas break without allowance through my Chocolate Therapy sales! Wooot! :D - December 

17. More than 5,000 views since I started this blog! :D - December  
Yes, I'm already stoked about that. 

So I guess that's all my memory could do. Thank you so much, dear readers, for enduring my blog (or more like my gibberish rants on food and what-not's fetish). 

The turn of events this whole year has definitely shown God's hand in my life and He never ceases to amaze me. Just when you feel so hopeless and helpless, God pulls up your chin and helps you get back up on your feet. He shows us that His strength is made perfect in our weakness. He's always there, whether you like it or not, whether you feel it or not. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Thank you so much, Lord! I can never do anything without You. :)

HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! And I do hope you'd continue to notice and read my posts. :D

Keep posted and keep eating!

Love and peace,

Babe For Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :D    


  1. Wow, you ran 10k without your 'rents knowing (or did they find out after? :))... I could never run beyond 6k. I'm such a lazy bum.

    And you lost 13kg? HOW oh HOW did you do it!?!?! Help me!!

    Keep the blog posts coming! Have a wonderful 2012!

  2. Hey, mustachio! Musta? Hehehe.

    Yeah, they usually just find out afterwards. Nothing they can do about it. LOL. Never say never! :D

    I lost that much in a span of a year and a half from working in our business. No proper eating and barely any sleep. It's NOT healthy at all. My hair was actually thinning out. Haha. I would even do fun runs without any sleep! And I used to run everyday. I've been gaining again since I started school though. Barely any time for gym na. :(

    Thanks for dropping by! Happy new year! Hope to meet you someday! :D

  3. That was a great year, here's to an even better year ahead! Happy new year Justinne!

  4. Thanks, dude! Happy new year! :D

  5. Hey Jus! This is cool,I'm reading your blog again and i'm having fun. Its nice to remember God's goodness last year and indeed I believe that He will show His goodness to you for the coming years. Use your talent and skills for His Glory. God bless you my dear. :)


  6. Hi, Gie!

    Thanks for dropping by! And thanks for the comment. You were definitely one of my blessings in 2011. Keep the faith! God bless! Take care over there! Love you! :)

  7. Maybe I should work for you... but then my mustache might fall out hehehe :D

  8. Lol! You no work for me. You overqualified. :))