Cebu Secret Chows: Sprockets Cafe

                On the same day that I set up BlissfulBites at Tea & Symphony (yay!), I was invited by my friend Ejay of ZageMedia Productions, to the launching of Sprockets Café, another milk tea café. Honestly, I’m getting quite tired of the growing number of this fad. All of them are nice hangouts and serve ALMOST the same thing, it’s getting confusing where to go. Well, the good thing is, you can have your milk tea fix almost anywhere now. But this one was different -- a good different. Real food is served here, and not just those Taiwanese snacks. I’ve been hearing from some friends (and seen some pics on FB) that the food and the place is unique and good, its concept inspired from photography. It is also in a quite secluded spot hence a “Cebu Secret Chow” qualifier. Though I already had a large dose of milk tea earlier at Tea & Symphony, I didn’t mind having to taste another one from here. The babe is always up to try anything new. ;)

                So, when I finally came to this interesting new find with Ejay and Mary Angeli Bas of foodiecraft.com, I was instantly impressed by the set up. Mary and I squealed with excitement as we entered and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the food (haha). The tiny open kitchen at the counter was what caught my eye first, and then the colorful lomo collage wall. I’ve just recently (around last year) discovered my appreciative artsy fartsy side and this place just drew me – a place for the eyes, tongue and belly! Indeed, an entertaining hub for the senses. 

Most of the details were really attractive: the spherical lights from the ceiling, the comfy and chic furnishing, the complementing color scheme, the open kitchen (of course), the lomo wall! and even the name of the café. The atmosphere stimulates creativity and innovation. It was fully packed that day but I’m sure it would make for a great hangout when there are less people; that kinda place where you can refresh your mind or even be artistically inspired and treat your tummy, too!

the kitchen and counter  
the coolest spot in the room: the lomo wall :D
cute lomo camera pillows on the cozy sofa
But first, why “Sprockets”? Rachel Arandilla, the beautiful and creative young proprietor and friend of Ejay, explained that her interest in photography, specifically lomography of which she is a member of an exclusive group called Analog Cebu, is the main inspiration for the whole concept. Sprockets are the small wheels with teeth found inside the camera that keep the film in place by holding on to the sprocket holes.  
For the launching, the café catered with food from their own menu; perfect chance to taste their dishes! Though the food was served a bit late, it was worth the wait (I’m rhyming now? Lol). Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was soooo good! They were pretty organized and I was drooling watching them plate the dishes.

with good guacamole!!! nom nom nom
margherita pizza - i liked the crust :D
just a few of what I got on my table :D
Ms. Foodiecraft :)
food is what brings us together ;)
Rachel’s fiancé, L.A, is the artist behind the nifty gastronomic offerings here. He happens to be a fellow schoolmate from ICAAC (a few batches ahead of me). Yeah, proud of that school. The food menu is composed of Holga appetizers, Pizza, Polaroid Pasta and The Main Event. It is adequately limited in selections and everything is a must try. My favorites were the quesadillas, margherita pizza and philly cheese steak! :D

                The milk tea here is offered in two sizes, 16 oz and 22 oz. Ejay recommended the taro milk tea for me and Mary took my suggestion for the toasted hazelnut milk tea, both our drinks at 50% sweetness level. And both were great! Rachel also took photos of and with us using her polaroid camera. Cute! She pinned the photos on a corkboard on the wall near the counter. Spot us there! 
16 oz taro milk tea
polaroid photo board
babe for food, Mary Angeli Bas of foodiecraft, Ejay Williams of Zage Media Productions
the foodies with Rachel Arandilla of Sprockets :)
I’d have to say, this is the perfect milk tea café yet; ample choices of unique milk tea flavors and great food served along with it. And the ambience, of course, is a big bonus. I mean, for milk tea, Cobo and Tea & Symphony are also really good but this has to be my favorite place yet. I can imagine artists, photographers, writers, or even students and professionals lingering here. And I think it’s also a family-friendly place. No liquor is served here; just good old hot, iced or blended coffee, and milk tea. Check it out for yourself! I’m sure you’ll love it.

Sprockets Café
J Block Building, Corner Apitong St., Escario St., Cebu City 6000
(near Parklane Hotel)

mobile       +63 922 886 7477
email          sprocketscebu@gmail.com

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun   11 am – 10 pm

Price Range:
Milk tea   - classic  P80 - 90; special  P90 - 105 
Holga Appetizers  - P55 - 100
Pizzas - P190 - 210
Polaroid Pasta - P130 - 165
The Main Event  - P130 - 350

Like them on FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sprockets-Cafe/276220652462761?ref=ts
Follow them on Twitter: @sprocketscafe

To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D

oink oink,
Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. mukaon sad ko diri! gnhn ko mutilaw sa milk tea and quesadilla!

    1. Whenever I read this post, it makes me crave for the quesa! Nom nom nom! :3

  2. Haha you beat me to this! :D Planning...planning...always planning to go but until now wala pa ka ni adto hehe

    1. Hahaha. Go na! I'm sure you'll love it! Artist bya ka. Usa na ko sa fans sa imu drawings. ;)

  3. Dear Justinne,

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    Princess Tan

    1. Dear Ms. Tan,

      I am honored to be invited to such event and as much as I would love to go, I regret to inform you that I will be unable to attend. Looking forward to your future events though.

      Best regards,

      Justinne Go

  4. Hiya!

    Nice blog ya got here!

    I'm a food blogger based in Manila.. I actually used to live in Cebu a long long time ago.. hehe..

    I'll be going to Cebu next week, and I just wanted to ask what restaurants you would suggest for me to try? I only know the classics.. Harbor City.. Golden Cowrie.. Lighthouse... I'd like to try something new naman :)

    Your suggestions would be very much appreciated :)

    Thanks! :)

    1. Heyy!

      Nice of you to stumble upon my blog! :D

      Wow, it would be my honor and pleasure to share some suggestions for you. This'll be pretty long but I hope it helps...

      Chinese - Tsim Sha Tsui (Ayala Terraces)

      Thai - Mae Krua (near Velez Hospital)

      - Cafe Laguna (Ayala Terraces)
      - Abaseria (Villa Aurora, Mabolo)
      - Matias (A.S. Fortuna, across Cheaverz) -- best bbq!!!

      - Cafe Georg (Banilad)
      - Casa Verde (Ayala, Terraces; Ramos; The Walk, IT Park)
      - Bistro Ecila (Ayala Terraces)
      - Dong Juan (Persimmon, M.J. Cuenco; Crossroads, Banilad; A.S Fortuna),

      Italian - La Tegola (Lahug, near Metro Sports)

      - Zubuchon (One Mango; Escario St.)
      - CnT (across SM)
      - Ayer (Lahug, across University of Southern Phils)

      The Mactan Shrine for STK is also a great place to visit!

      And Chicken & Beer at IT Park is one of my faves too. :D

      Hope to hear from you about your gastronomic escapades here in Cebu! I guess it'll most likely be on your blog. I'm subscribed! :D

      Thanks for your consideration! :)

    2. Awesome list! haha i knew I asked the right person!

      Thank you so much! I'll link your blog to mine if ya dont mind :)

    3. Aaaww.. Thanks! :D

      OH! I forgot SPICE FUSION at SM or BTC. Don't miss that one!!! It's one of the best asian fusion resto's in town! :D

      And yeah, sure, link away! Haha. Much appreciated. Thanks again! :D

  5. Hi Justinne!! those nachos look yummy!!! I've eaten at Cafe Laguna only in your list. Will copy that for my next Cebu trip.


    1. THE Leslie?! WOW. You have no idea how happy I am to have you comment on my blog. (Lol. Fan mode) :D

      Do check out the Cebu Secret Chows page on this blog for more interesting eats in Cebu.

      Thanks for dropping by! :D

  6. Hi BFF! Nice blog...I'm following you from my blog!

  7. This looks like a cool place, good food too!

    1. Sure is! One of the places where you wouldn't have to worry about what to order cuz everything's gooood! :D

  8. Cool! A lomo wall.. I love the pillows! :)

  9. We were looking for this place the other day. We couldn't find it. :( Sayang. Looks like a cool place to hang out and food looks good too.

    1. Aaww.. Really? It's that corner across Simply J's if you know where that is. Hehe. Hope you find it next time though! :)

  10. I went there yesterday. Hahaha Their Wintermelon milk tea is good!


    1. It is! And so is their food and other milk tea flavors. :)

  11. I like their Ostrich steak & wintermelon milk tea. yum. ^_^